Why the Mermaid? documentary review

A documentary about mermaids in the British Antarctic Territory, Mermaid, has been nominated for an Oscar for best documentary.

The Oscar is to be handed out at a special ceremony in Los Angeles on May 12.

Mermaid tells the story of a group of explorers who are stranded on an isolated island off the coast of South Georgia in the Antarctic in a world of ice and darkness, but also a world where they can meet mermaid.

The film is nominated for three Oscar nominations.

The winner is announced on May 19, 2018.

“This is a remarkable, and hugely important, award.

It’s a very big one,” said John Leeson, the chair of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

“It’s very difficult to make an Oscar short.

It takes months to prepare, but we had an extraordinary team of people working on this.

They worked really hard and did a terrific job.”

The movie’s executive producer, Alan Ball, said the awards ceremony was “very special”.

“It really is, and it’s going to have an enormous impact,” he said.

“The audience will be in awe of the incredible craft and the incredible attention to detail that went into making this.”

Mermaid has been made by three different directors: Steven Spielberg, who directed from the ground up; John Hurt, the film’s star; and Steven Spielberg’s daughter, Olivia Munn.

“A big, big thanks to the people at Universal and Warner Bros who have put in a lot of effort to make this happen,” Ball said.

The two films were filmed together in England and France in 2012, but the majority of the cast, including Munn, was from other countries.

“I was absolutely delighted to be able to be a part of this and the story was so compelling,” Munn said.

Munn has said she is still haunted by the time she and Hurt spent together on the ice.

“When I was on the iceberg, I felt like I could have gone on forever.

I felt so close to the edge,” she said.

She added: “It is the most beautiful place in the world.”