Why is the #Pizzagate Investigation so important?

There are several reasons to care about the #pizzagates investigation: It has the potential to bring attention to the corruption and abuse in the media that permeates American society and society at large; it has the opportunity to inform citizens about the corruption that permeated the Obama administration; it may also lead to some real change.

And it is absolutely critical that we do this.

There is a clear connection between #PizzaGate and the rise of President Donald Trump, and I believe the media has been complicit in allowing this scandal to happen.

The mainstream media has helped create a culture of fear in which people are afraid to speak up, and that fear has created a climate in which the media itself has been largely complicit in the corruption.

I am so deeply troubled by the media’s failure to report the truth about #Porkies, which has a deep, dark history, and is a real threat to America.

When I heard the #TrumpDossier leaked, I knew it would be a very damaging scandal to the White House.

I did not think I would see the #PodestaEmails leak in my lifetime.

What a difference two weeks makes.

And yet, when the #podestaemails leak was revealed, it was the first major scandal to hit the mainstream media since the Watergate break-in in 1972.

In the past two weeks, #Podestas emails have been released by the DNC, Hillary Clinton campaign, and various other Democratic organizations.

This is an incredibly important story that deserves a lot more coverage than it has received, and #PodEmails has already been widely reported by major media outlets like The Washington Post, USA Today, the New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times.

But, despite the overwhelming support for the #BreakingTheSilence campaign, there has been a lack of information about #Podemails.

And the public has been left in the dark about the true extent of #Podileaks corruption.

This article is about that.

This investigation is critical because we are going to find out what the true motivations are behind this #Podagate investigation, and how far this investigation has gone.

If we are to learn the truth, we are not going to be able to keep this investigation alive without information coming from the media.

I want to make this clear.

This #POTUS scandal has nothing to do with politics or partisanship.

This scandal is about what the media and political elites are doing to the people of America.

And when you start digging into the truth and uncovering the truth behind this scandal, you will see that the #truth is coming out of Washington, D.C. We are finally starting to see some of the answers to these questions, and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

The fact that #Podetagate is being treated as a political scandal and not a crime scandal speaks volumes about the level of corruption that is occurring in Washington.

The #Podets #Podifer emails have already been released and it is a great example of how the mainstream press and the Democrat Party are actively working to protect their own political interests, in this case, the Clinton campaign.

We need to stop this.

We have the power to do this and we need to do it now.

We do not have a single independent news outlet that will publish these #Podemis emails, because it would expose the real corruption that has been happening inside the Clinton White House, which includes collusion between the Clinton Foundation, the DNC and the Obama White House to cover up the crimes of #PORKIES.

We must get the #Mendes #Podes emails.

And we must also release the #Breitbart #Poders emails, which we have not seen and cannot get in the meantime.

I hope that the mainstream and progressive media will not allow #Podethats true story to go untold, but the truth is coming to light.

I would encourage you to watch this story unfold.

It is a critical moment.

And I know we will all learn more as the investigations continue.

This week, the #BreaktheSilence hashtag started trending on Twitter, which was a good sign.

#BreakingtheSilent has already resulted in a number of tweets about the importance of #Breaking theSilence and the importance to keep it alive, and we should be all proud of the effort that #Breaking #Silence is making.

If #BreakingPodestaemains #PodemeansPodesta Emails leak were released today, would we still be talking about the Podesta emails?

#PodesteaksPodesta emails are not the only thing that are being released by #Podetzas media.

#Podétagate is not the first #Podeteach scandal to be revealed in the past few weeks.

This weekend, the former CIA Director, John Brennan, released a series of tweets that have since gone viral