Why is the Mermaid documentary on Netflix trending?

Netflix is bringing the mermaid documentary series True Crime to Netflix this fall, following the streaming giant’s announcement last month that it would premiere the docuseries.

True Crime: The Unsolved Murder of Merlina Merloni, a docuserie from Netflix that focuses on the unsolved murders of Merli Pfeiffer and Merliana Chiang, is set to premiere in October.

Netflix, which also released the original True Crime series in 2017, said last month it would bring the doc series to Netflix’s Instant Video service and in-home streaming service. 

The Merlichias are in the news a lot these days because Merlissa Chiang disappeared and her baby was killed while she was swimming in a lake in California.

Her son, David, was found drowned on a beach on August 16, 2018. 

In 2018, the Merlias were married for the first time, and they are raising their three daughters together.

In the documentary, David Merlihans tells the story of the Merlot and how his mother’s disappearance led to his own murder. 

Merrill, who has lived in Merlany, California for the past six years, told The New York Times that the documentary will include footage from Merlianas first marriage and her two divorces. 

“I love to do the documentary on my own time,” said Merl, who added that the Merlis’ story “is a story of love, loss, loss of love.” 

“This is a family story.

This is a story about the love between two people,” she added. 

Merlina is survived by her father David, her mother Merliah, her sister Merlana and her sister-in-law Rebecca.