Why do aliens want us?

The film “Alien: Resurrection,” about the mysterious disappearance of a young boy from his home in North Korea in 1986, has a strong possibility of getting made in the US.

But the director Michael Jackson has said he is no longer interested in the project, saying he doesn’t believe there is enough material.

Jackson said in an interview with CNN last month that he has not been approached by producers about the project.

“I don’t know what they’re looking for.

I’m not the kind of filmmaker who’s looking for something to be made and then goes, ‘Oh, this one’s great,'” he said.”

But when you have a lot of people looking for it, that’s what makes it so exciting.”

Jackson also said he didn’t think the film was going to happen.

“[The film] doesn’t make any sense to me.

It’s not about the alien.

It doesn’t say anything about aliens,” he said on CNN.”

The alien has nothing to do with the aliens.

It is the children.

They were abducted, but that’s not the reason for it.

The aliens were there.

It was all in their heads.”

The film “The Shape of Water” was released in the UK last month and was hailed by many for its powerful exploration of the human condition.

But Jackson, who has made documentaries about animals and the human race, said he felt “alienated” by the film.

“It’s the most ridiculous film I’ve ever made,” he told CNN in April.

“I was really, really upset that I was making something that was not interesting and thought it was entertaining.

I was like, ‘I don-t want to make something that I’m really, genuinely upset about.'”

He added that he was concerned the film might be seen as a reaction to the film “Saw” starring Russell Crowe, but he didn`t find that distasteful.

“I would love to have a movie like ‘Saw’ made by the people who are making the ‘Alien’ films.

The people who make ‘Saws’ films and are like, `It`s just not that interesting.

We just want to tell a story, you know?”‘

I’m really proud of the fact that the aliens did not win’Jackson, whose films have been viewed by millions of people worldwide, said the film could have a profound effect on people.

“We’re in a world where you’re going to have to make some decisions about what you think about things, and it’s going to be a tough world out there, because if you’re in one place and you don’t have a chance to look at the world and think about what’s important, then it’s a pretty lonely place,” he added.

“In some ways, it could be the best thing I’ve made.”

Jacksons film “Kiss Me, I’m a Star” has already made its US debut, at Sundance Film Festival.

It is expected to be released in early 2018.