Why are you so angry? – National Geographic: Behind the Scenes

National Geographic’s documentary series Behind the Shots has been a hit since it premiered in 2016.

Now, the company is bringing it to Hulu, where it’ll premiere in April.

In addition to a host of documentaries and series, Behind the Screen has also brought viewers behind the scenes of its own production, as well as behind-the-scenes stories about the film industry.

This week, the series will debut on Hulu, and a special premiere on PBS stations across the country will bring the full story behind the film to viewers.

The new series, which focuses on the development and distribution of the films in Behind the Spots series, features the voices of directors and producers.

The series also will premiere on the History Channel in May.

Among its features is a look at how documentaries have been influenced by film-making, with interviews with industry insiders and former industry insiders, as Wellesley College professor and film scholar, Mark Felt, and documentary director, John L. Smith, discuss the process of making documentaries and the impact of the film-maker on the world.

In Behind the Screens, the filmmakers take viewers behind-closed-doors as they take on a wide variety of projects, including documentary films about the history of science and technology, including The Discovery Channel’s Making History and the History of Technology: A Documentary.

In a behind- the-scenes look at the production of the documentary The Future Is Now, co-stars David Fincher, Michael Caine, and James Franco look back on the process behind their film, which premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Among the documentaries in Behind The Screen will be the award-winning documentary film, The Last Word, which examines the impact that the word “saying” has had on the way we talk about the world and how we think about the future.

In the series, the crew will interview film students, students and film producers from around the world, as they tell the story of how they discovered film and how the work of filmmakers influenced their lives and careers.

In this season of Behind The Shots, there will also be a look back at the work and contributions of the filmmakers who have inspired the series.