Why Are They Calling Them Demi Lovato Documentary?

When Demi Loves Me is a documentary by the Canadian filmmaker John Roers and directed by Demi Lovell.

It chronicles Demi’s life as a single mother in a troubled and abusive relationship with a man.

The film follows her on the road as she struggles to maintain a relationship and to raise her daughter.

When Lovell, who has worked with Demi in the past, produced the documentary, she had to do the same.

It was the first time Lovell had ever worked with her, and she said she had a lot of confidence in the way she handled the film.

“I feel like I can be a lot more than just the director and producer.

It’s important to be a little more than that.

I think it’s important for women to be involved and to be able to contribute.”

Lovell also said she wanted to include some of Demi and her daughter’s life stories.

“It’s about her growing up in a dysfunctional relationship,” she said.

“She’s the person that I can most relate to because I’ve been through the same thing.”

Demi is also the subject of a new documentary, Demi: The Woman Behind the Music, which premieres in Canada on March 14.

Demi has also worked with Lovell on her 2015 film, Demolition and Lovell said that while Demi did not direct Demi, they are “extremely close.”

Demidov, who is a longtime collaborator with Lovelli, said he is “thrilled” with the new documentary and was looking forward to sharing more about his daughter.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” he said.

In a statement, Lovell added that Demi loves her mother and is proud of her work.

“There’s no doubt that Demigirl is the most remarkable artist alive.

She has lived the most beautiful and adventurous life possible and her work will inspire generations to come,” Lovell wrote.

“Demi has the same passion and dedication to the art of music that I have.

It is important that we all remember her and her story.”