Which British film director has the greatest influence on today’s world?

There are plenty of great British films that are now celebrated in the US, but it’s hard to choose just one.

The UK’s film industry has been a pioneer in bringing home the best in films and the world is lucky to have so many of the best.

Here’s a look at our favourites, and a list of our top 20 films of all time.1.

‘The Iron Lady’ by Joanna LumleyThe film was released in 1997 and was hailed as one of the first modern classics.

It is an incredibly well-crafted drama about a woman who becomes embroiled in a plot that is beyond her comprehension and has an epic ending.

It was also a watershed moment for Lumley, who went on to write the next two books in her trilogy of novels, ‘The Widow’s Tale’ and ‘The Lady in the Glass House’.2.

‘Lincoln’ by Barry LevinsonThe film, starring John Cusack and Kate Winslet, is a modern classic, with a story that is full of emotion and a story of hope.

The film follows the journey of an African-American family through the civil rights movement.

The cast is also outstanding, with Cusak’s portrayal of an openly gay man being a true rarity in modern cinema.3.

‘Saving Private Ryan’ by Daniel Day-LewisThe film is about a family of two men, played by Daniel Craig and Benicio Del Toro.

It’s an epic, action-packed film that follows the lives of two soldiers, who are separated during World War II and come together in the aftermath.

It has also been described as the greatest film of the 20th century.4.

‘Atonement’ by Mark RuffaloThe movie follows the final days of the US president’s life after he is fatally shot.

It features a beautiful performance from Mark Ruffalos as the man who is finally allowed to live his life and the power of the film’s ending is unmatched.5.

‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ by Jafar PanahiThe movie is a classic story about a group of brothers who are sent to a distant island and are brought to a paradise by a spirit.

The story follows the brothers, who discover that they are part of a tribe and must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the island.

It will go down in history as one the greatest films ever made.6.

‘We Are the World’ by Jane CampionJane Campion has made her mark on American cinema by writing, directing and starring in a number of films.

Her latest film, We Are The World, is set in a future where there is a war between humans and the humans are in a constant battle with a race of robots called The Robot People.

The movie is also a classic in the American cinema, and has won awards at the Academy Awards.7.

‘Jurassic Park’ by Peter JacksonThe world has been fascinated with dinosaurs since they first appeared in the movie Jurassic Park in 1989.

The films are full of wonder and awe and will remain with us for a long time.

Peter Jackson’s Jurassic Park is also the best Jurassic Park movie of all-time.8.

‘Paprika’ by Niki CaroNiki Cara’s debut film was a hit with critics and audiences, and her films have also won numerous awards including Best Picture at the Oscars.

The Spanish film follows a young girl as she travels to an island to learn about her heritage.9.

‘La Cage aux Folles’ by M. Night ShyamalanIn the 80s, the film ‘La Casa des Follés’ was released to great success in the United States and the UK.

It stars M.

Night Shyamala and was a major hit with the audiences and the critics.

The original film was set in an alternate 1960s, with the protagonists, who were in a band called The Caves, living in the caves.10.

‘Million Dollar Baby’ by Sam MendesThe film stars Samuel L. Jackson as a young man who tries to find his father who has disappeared and is now looking for his missing baby.

He meets the boy and his mother, who both share the same desire to find their father.

Mendes is the master of the indie genre and this film is a must-see.11.

‘Empire’ by David LynchDavid Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’ is considered one of his best films.

The series is set on a small island in the Pacific Northwest, with Laura Palmer (Laura Dern) searching for her lost daughter, Laura.

Laura has been searching for the person who killed her mother, Laura’s father, for years.

The only way she will ever find him is to visit her grandmother, the old woman who has been watching over the island for years and who is dying from cancer.

The film has won numerous Oscars and