When the film’s release was delayed, the story of jeffreys Dahmer became a viral sensation – and now he’s back in the spotlight as a ‘documentary’

A documentary about the late Canadian mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer was abruptly cancelled last year because it didn’t have enough funding to make the film it was originally meant to make, according to a new book about the case.

Jeffry Dahmer’s wife, Patricia, is credited with the film, but the producers say they have no idea how much it cost to make.

“We were completely unprepared for the fact that we didn’t get the money to make it,” said Michael Smith, the producer of the film.

Mr Smith and Mr Smith’s son, Michael, were given a phone call by Mr Dahmer himself.

“He said, ‘You guys should really be making a documentary about my family, about my life,'” Mr Smith said.

“So I was like, ‘I’ll do it.'”

After Mr Smith learned of the cancellation, he contacted the family to say they wanted to make a documentary on their son, but “we didn’t even have the money” to do so.

“And he said, “No, no, we don’t have any money, because we’re not going to make this documentary,'” Mr. Smith said in an interview with ABC Radio.

Mr Dahmeier’s son is the subject of a new documentary called Jeffrys Dahmer, produced by a New Zealand-based company.

The film follows his family, as they tell the story in the hopes of changing perceptions of their man.

“But he was a really kind and gentle man, who was very kind and humble to his family.” “

Jeffry was a very violent man, and I think people are still really looking at him and saying, ‘Oh, he’s not like that’,” Mr Smith told ABC Radio’s Q&A program.

“But he was a really kind and gentle man, who was very kind and humble to his family.”

“I think that he was probably the last person to go through that.

He had no family around him.

And he was really happy to just have his life,” Mr Smith added.

Jefry Dahman, a man known as the “Dahmer Killer” who killed at least 10 people in the early 1970s, was born in Calgary, Alberta, in 1953.

He was a devout Catholic and a member of the United Church of Canada.

He graduated from St. Boniface College in Calgary in 1963 and enrolled at the University of Alberta in 1964.

In 1966, he married Patricia Dahmer and the couple relocated to the Canadian city of Edmonton.

After graduating, he started a job as a security guard at a local mosque and lived in a home for troubled youth.

In 1972, he was convicted of murdering nine people at a suburban Edmonton mall and was sentenced to life in prison.

His lawyers say he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia.

In 1980, he began his own career as a comedian.

In 1989, he released his first autobiography, The Life of a Killer, which chronicled his life as a man who killed people.

The book also detailed his attempts to kill more people in prison, including an attempted bombing in 1996 that killed three people.

In 2005, the Canadian government ordered a national inquiry into his death.

The Dahmer family’s lawyers, who also include former Toronto police officer Mark Taylor, said the book should not be considered a biography, as it is based on a number of interviews with family members.

“They never talked to anybody who knew him personally,” Mr Taylor said.

He said the documentary’s producers, however, have spoken to some of the people who attended his trial and have been able to reconstruct the events leading up to the killings.

“There is some documentary footage that was filmed in prison,” Mr Taylors lawyer, John Tully, said.

Mr Tayler said he believes that a portion of the documentary footage was filmed at the home of Jeffries mother, who is still alive.

“She lived through the time of the murders, which is quite a bit of footage,” Mr Tully said.

Jebs family was in the process of moving out of Edmonton when the documentary was released, and the family is now in Florida, where they are staying in a hotel.

Mr Tullys son, who has been given a copy of the book, has also started a Facebook page to collect donations to pay for Mr Dahmmer’s documentary.

The project was funded by a donation from Mr Dahman’s mother.

“It is very important to me that we keep the truth out of the public eye,” Mr Dahmers lawyer said.

It is not the first time that the family has faced a financial crisis.

Last year, the family faced bankruptcy after they