When the Dead Will Talk: The Dead will talk about Aliens documentary,Gordon Lightfoot documentary

It was a year ago this week when the Dead were at the top of their game, but there’s a new episode of The Outsiders just a few weeks away.

The first episode of the latest instalment of the cult cult classic, Alien: Covenant, was released on Thursday, and while it was a big milestone for the band, it also brought a few more things to light.

First, it revealed that frontman/guitarist/drummer Jeff Tweedy has died, with the news first reported by the Daily Dot.

The news was confirmed by the band’s manager, Jeff Tweeden, and confirmed by a statement issued by the group.

“It’s been a very difficult year,” Tweeden said in the statement.

“Gorden Lightfoot has passed away from lung cancer, leaving the band without a lead vocalist and vocalist for the first time in the bandís history.

I want to thank the fans for their continued support over the last several years and the many amazing moments they’ve shared with us, from the amazing music to the incredibly tight live shows, it was all incredible.

As an incredible band, I cannot wait to see you all on October 30, when we are finally set to perform live in our new home, The Observatory at the Brooklyn Bowl.”

In an interview with The New York Times, Tweeden went on to describe the last years of the band.

“We didn’t have a lead singer and we had some problems with the touring.

We had to get a new lead vocal.

We didnít have any good songs to put out, and the last album was really hard to make.

The songs that we did were really good, but it just wasnít a good time for it.

We wanted to keep going and we didníve gotten very good at it so we decided to start writing new songs.”

There are a number of reasons why the band decided to move on, and many of those reasons were to focus on the new Alien:: Covenant.

The first one was because the band wanted to be closer to their fans.

“When we started making the Alien: Conspiracy, we didn’t want to be making music that was just another big band, and thatís why we started writing new material.

So that was always going to be the case,” Tweedy told the Times.”

And so when we decided we wanted to focus more on what we wanted from the band now, then we made that choice,” he continued.

“So we have to say goodbye to the first Alien movie, but that doesn’t mean that there wonít be a new Alien movie.”

The new Alien film, titled Alien: In Amber Clad, will follow the life of Amanda Ripley, a human-alien hybrid who is the daughter of a former alien race.

Tweeden told EW that the band were not planning on making any more Aliens movies, but were excited about the possibility of making new music in the future.

“Itís kind of a strange time right now, when the film was released and we were playing and it became so popular and people were just wanting to talk about it.

So we thought that we should keep playing and see what happens,” he said.

“I think we are going to see what we can do with the band and we want to do that, but we will see what comes next.

We are not really sure what’s going to happen, but maybe it will be a few years down the line.”

As for the other two upcoming Alien movies, the band is keeping mum about them, but they have said that they are going back to work on their fourth album.

“There is a whole lot of music on our upcoming fourth album,” Tweeds said.

In the meantime, you can keep up to date on all things Alien: Alien: Clad by checking out the bandís official website.