What are aliens doing in New Zealand?

By Theanine McNeil-FlynnThe New Zealand government says it has no idea how many alien abductions have taken place on its territory, and says it’s “committed to identifying, preventing and addressing any and all incidents.”

The New York Times reports that the government’s top civil servant said the country “is working with law enforcement agencies to ensure that we can ensure that New Zealanders are safe when they travel abroad.”

New Zealand has about 200 alien abductees a year, according to the Times, and the government says that “we do not have a record of any incidents where aliens were killed or abducted.”

But a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it “has no current records” of alien abductors.

In response to the report, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she is “deeply disappointed” and “sad” by the Times story.

Ardern was asked during a press conference in New York last week whether she knew of any aliens in New England, and said “I haven’t seen any.”

She added, “It’s just a bit of a shock.”

But Arderne said she has been informed by the U.S. government that the Ufos are being studied for potential use as weaponizing agents.

“They have a plan for us to use them to take over the world,” Ardernes spokesperson said.

“We don’t know whether that will happen or not.”