‘We’re here to make you laugh’: The 10 most shocking moments from the documentary ‘We are Everywhere’

The 10 Most Surprising Moments From ‘We Are Everywhere’ is the first feature documentary to be released on RTE Radio Two.

The 10 films are a selection of films that explore the issues that confront Ireland’s LGBT community, exploring the complex relationship between community, religion and government.

The series also highlights how the documentary has changed the lives of those who have been impacted by the events of April 18, 2019.

The films include:• ‘We Can’t Let Go’ – The story of LGBT people in Northern Ireland, from the first wave of HIV to the recent spate of homophobic attacks.• ‘The Love Story’ – A personal story of a lesbian couple in their 20s from a Northern Ireland home.•’We Are The Story’  – A film by filmmaker Michael Laughlin about his journey from the UK to Northern Ireland.• ‘We are all We’ – An exploration of the way our identities are often told in the media.•  ‘We Need Your Love’ – This documentary, directed by actor Daniel Macgregor, explores the relationship between LGBT people and their families in Northern Irish communities.•    ‘We Do Not Need Love’  – This documentary by director Michael Laughton explores the struggle of people living with HIV in Northern England.•            ‘What The World Needs Is Love’  – A film about a young gay man from the north-west of England who came out to his family.

The ten films will be released in a series of 12 episodes from April 19.RTE Radio One will broadcast the first episode on April 22.