‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’ ‘Racing’ documentary ‘a joy’ to watch: director

In late 2012, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation released its long-awaited “Weird and Wonderful” series, “Weeds” which chronicles the life of the Australian racing star and his band of eccentric characters.

But, as you can imagine, it was a little tricky finding a director for the documentary, which features interviews with Yankiewicz, a host of characters from his past, and also his band.

As it turns out, “Racing” has found a new director for his own upcoming film, “The Race,” set to premiere in January.

“The Race” tells the story of Australian Formula One driver and former racing driver Al Yankovich, a man who, in a series of eccentric incidents, caused controversy and controversy for years, including his controversial use of a wheelchair.

Yankiewicz was originally supposed to star in “Races,” but the project was dropped after the film’s premiere at the Australian Grand Prix in 2013.

Instead, the film will tell the story from the perspective of “Weed,” the musician and former professional racer who has lived with cerebral palsy for more than 30 years.

“He is the kind of guy who just gets along with everybody,” said producer Mike Littman, who directed the film for ABC TV.

“He doesn’t really care what anybody thinks about him.

We were just hoping to make a documentary about a great Australian artist.”

In the film, Yankowicz is a self-confessed “miserable drunk” who is known to the public for his off-the-grid lifestyle, a lifestyle that has been likened to a “drug dealer’s den.”

The documentary is a great way to see Al Yanks quirky side, Littmann said, and is one of the most well-produced documentaries on YouTube.

“It’s a great story that I think will be an absolute highlight of our lives,” he said.

The film, which will premiere in Australia in January, is the second film to be directed by Yankwitz, who also directed “The Art of the Race” in 2016.

Littman also credits the production team for the film.

“The team were terrific,” he told ABC News.

“I think Al’s a wonderful guy and they’ve really created this really good documentary.”

The “Wees” documentary, Lettman added, will also feature the voices of comedians like Ben Folds and John Oliver.