Watch the Paris Hilton documentary with Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu

This week, we’ve seen Netflix’s Dolly Parton documentary on Amazon Prime, Hulu’s new docuseries starring Jessica Biel and Nicki Minaj, and Netflix’s upcoming docuserie about the rise of the #MeToo movement.

But that’s not all that’s in store.

Netflix is also making an all-new documentary series, “The Paris Hilton Documentary.”

The series is slated to premiere this fall, and is directed by Jill Lepore and stars Dolly, Jessica Bias, and Kate Beckinsale.

The docuserial will explore the life of the legendary entertainer and her work with her iconic Paris Hilton hotel, as well as the many ways in which she was a champion of women in pop culture.

“I wanted to tell the story of a woman who became an icon, but also a symbol of how far we’ve come,” Lepore tells The Verge.

“We want to see the legacy of Paris Hilton and her legacy in the modern world.”

We spoke with Lepore about the series, her new Netflix series, and what it means for the Netflix family.

What’s the most exciting part of bringing this new docseries to Netflix?

This is the second documentary series Netflix has made about Paris Hilton, and we’ve made a few that focused on her life, career, and career with her family.

This one, however, is a bit different.

This is a story about how Paris Hilton was a superstar performer, but she also had an amazing life.

This docu-series focuses on her personal journey, how she met her husband, and how she went from being a “wildcard” to being a household name.

This makes it an important story for people to see.

What is the focus of the docu series?

The Paris Hilton series focuses on a woman named Rachel who is an artist and who is very, very important to the history of the hotel.

We are very interested in the personal story of Rachel and we want to be able to show the impact of this woman and her family, so this docu is an important part of that.

Why is it so important for people?

We want to bring this story to life.

We want people to look at the hotel and understand the history and the impact that Paris Hilton had on this town.

We really wanted to create a show that tells the story and reflects the story.

What are some of the challenges of making a docu documentary?

The first challenge is making a documentary about a celebrity and a place.

Rachel is very famous and she’s a very famous person.

She is also the founder of a hotel.

When we started this series, we were hoping that it would be a little bit more of a personal narrative.

The second challenge is finding the right people.

Rachel has this relationship with a photographer who has been working on the hotel for years, and that’s kind of what led us to hiring this person.

We also wanted to find the right director.

This was a project that we had in mind for years.

But it was a bit of a leap of faith and we knew it would take some time.

The third challenge is that there are so many documentaries on Paris Hilton.

There are so few on the topic of celebrity.

This project is going to be different.

We’re bringing this story and this experience to the world and it will be a story of celebrity and celebrity culture and history, not just a history of Paris.

What do you hope people take away from this doc?

We hope people will think about what the Paris of today is, and why that’s important.

We hope they’ll think about how this hotel and the culture that she helped to create has come to be, and look back on how that shaped people in the world today.

What can you tell us about the production of this doc and the people involved?

We’re still working out the logistics, but we’re working with the same people who made the previous docuserials.

We’ve had a great production team, and it’s been a pleasure working with them.

We’ll have a trailer for the doc, which will premiere in late summer.

We can’t wait to see how people respond to the doc.

What else is in store for Netflix and the rest of the Netflix community?

We can say that this doc will be available for streaming in fall.

We will also be making a special version of “The London Underground” and a “London Bridge” doc.

We look forward to the new episodes of our documentary series.

And we’ll be releasing a brand-new series about Paris herself in the fall.

What did you think of the first series of the Paris series?

It’s very important that people know the story, but it’s also important that the story be told with dignity and truth.

Rachel and her husband were an incredibly talented couple who had a profound impact on history.

They were an