The first 13 documentaries about the 20th century are on Netflix

Netflix is rolling out the first 13 documentary series from its first batch of films, including documentaries on the 20s, 50s, 60s and 70s, to coincide with the 20.

The company also announced that the new series of documentaries will include interviews with the people who made the films and provide new perspectives on the topics they covered.

“Netflix is celebrating the legacy of the 20 years of the American Film Institute with its 13th documentary series,” Netflix said in a statement.

“Each film explores a different aspect of American film, and we’re excited to explore more than one of these films and offer a selection of stories to further our commitment to celebrating American culture.”

The first series of films are titled “A History of the Films: The Making of American Filmmaking,” “The Making of the Film: The Story of the Artistic Heritage of American Film,” “Film: The American Story,” and “Films from the American Mind: The 20th Century.”