The Best Netflix Documentary of 2018

9.8 million people watched the film in 2018, which was the most in the past decade, according to Netflix.

This was the first year Netflix has had more than 1.2 billion subscribers, and the highest number since the company started tracking data in 2013.

Netflix’s documentary is based on a Netflix docuseries, called “I Love You, Man,” about the life of rapper Tupac Shakur.

The documentary follows Shakur, who died in 2010.

The film, which has more than 8 million views on YouTube, was produced by the Netflix Documentaries team and is available on Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube.

Netflix is also offering a movie on YouTube called “Movies that Changed America.”

It’s about a movie theater owner named Jack who takes on a project to create a movie theatre that would be more affordable for black people.

The first “Movies that Changed Americans” movie was released in 2014.

Netflix is hoping to make a documentary about its new video streaming service called “The People’s House.”