‘My Life as a Dog’: How a Dog’s Guide to Life as an Animal documentary opens to US audience

An animal documentary that tells the story of a dog’s life as an animal has opened to the US audience, according to the filmmakers.

In My Life as the Dog, which premieres in theaters on July 21, the documentary follows Nicholas, a six-year-old shepherd dog who became a part of the British Library, the country’s largest library system.

In early 2019, Nicholas was found abandoned in a park on the shores of Lake Huron in Wisconsin.

The dog had been dead for five days.

Nicholas’ death was ruled a homicide.

When the police contacted the UK-based dog rescue organization The Dogs Trust to investigate the case, they learned that Nicholas was a stray that had been abandoned by a man named Gordon Lightfoot.

According to a statement on the Dogs Trust website, Lightfoot was convicted of murdering his wife and had to serve 15 years in prison before being released.

After he was released, Lightfeet returned to the UK and moved to Birmingham, England.

He was convicted in March 2019 of a series of charges, including cruelty to animals, animal cruelty, manslaughter, causing grievous bodily harm and failing to provide a proper care.

His dog was found dead at a farm in the city of Loughborough in February 2021.

Lightfoot’s dog was euthanized.

According a statement by the Dogs Protectors Foundation, Lightfield’s death was the “first of its kind in British history.”

The film, which will be screened in the UK, will be presented by Dog Save the World, a charity dedicated to rescuing and training the best and most intelligent dogs in the world.

The Dogs Trust said the documentary will be made available to US viewers on August 6.