Murder documentaries are killing documentaries, but you can still watch them.

TIME Magazine’s film critic Dan Siegel, the host of the podcast “On the Road,” recently called out a handful of documentaries for their questionable viewing habits, including the infamous “Murderers.”

One such film, “The Case of the Unsolved Murders,” has already racked up over 2 million views since it debuted in 2013.

In the meantime, the film has become an obsession among some viewers, who are increasingly desperate to find the answers to the puzzling murder cases of their loved ones.

Some of those viewers have been looking for answers to a number of mysteries, including what happened to their loved one who was murdered before their eyes.

The “The Murder Case of The Unsolveable Murders” is one such documentary.

The film, which follows a couple who disappear in a rural area, is the subject of a new documentary from The Guardian titled “The Unsolving of The Case of Murder,” which airs on April 5.

“It’s not that the film is bad, it’s just not good enough,” Siegel told TIME.

“This is a documentary about a couple, and there are no clues.

It’s about a case that has gone unsolved for decades, and it’s not about the investigation itself.

I think it’s a pretty bad documentary, but at least it has the decency to be honest with you.”

“The Missing” documentary was inspired by the death of a woman who disappeared after her daughter left for work in rural New Hampshire.

The filmmaker, James Maclaren, was researching a case involving a murder that was unsolved for more than 30 years.

Maclens wife, Kathy, who has also been researching the case, was not satisfied with the case’s outcome and decided to take matters into her own hands.

MacLaren hired a private investigator and went to work looking for the woman, whose name was Sharon.

The search for Sharon led to a series of bizarre discoveries.

The investigation turned up a number and even a number-one on a list of possible victims, but MacLanys family had no idea who Sharon was.

Macsons family was left with a mountain of questions, and as a result, Maclans wife, Katelyn, decided to turn to social media to try and solve the mystery.

The couple searched for Sharon’s mother and discovered she was living in an assisted living facility.

Her husband discovered that she had a history of mental illness and suicide attempts.

After a lengthy investigation, the Maclanas were able to piece together the story of what happened.

The filmmakers claim that they discovered the truth after the first case they were investigating involved a man who had committed suicide and who had been in and out of the facility.

“There was a lot of confusion and misinformation in the media, which was frustrating for us,” Maclani said.

“We were trying to solve the murder of Sharon and find out what happened and where the missing person was, and we just didn’t know who that person was.”

“We decided that we were going to go to the source and go to their family, and that was the real breakthrough for us.”

The documentary, which is a blend of interviews and footage, has a narrative that takes place in a hospital room, where Sharon’s family confronts her mother with a series or multiple unsolved murders that have occurred.

Macleans family eventually found Sharon’s sister and their mother, but not before they discovered she had been spending a lot more time in a nursing home than the family was willing to admit.

Mac’s mother, who had suffered from a number the same mental illness as her daughter, had been on and off medication for years.

When her daughter’s mother was admitted to the facility, Mac’s parents began working on a plan to take Sharon’s mom out of there.

The Maclanes had hoped to reunite with their daughter in a different facility in the state, but the family ultimately chose to move to a different state because they had no choice but to leave Sharon behind.

As MacLans parents attempt to uncover the identity of the missing woman, Maclinns family is forced to confront their own mental health problems, which were aggravated by her mother’s continued presence in the facility and her recent suicide attempt.

Maclinan’s family eventually had to go into hiding after the couple received a tip that the missing female was Sharon, but after Maclinans daughter and her mother made a new life for themselves in the hospital, they began to seek out new answers.

Maclanis family has now returned to their own hometown in Massachusetts to reunify with Sharon, who they have found to be a much happier and more caring person.

“That was my goal,” MacLansky said.

“‘We’re going to be like family.'”

“The Mystery of the Missing” is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Mac Lansky said that he was inspired to produce the documentary after watching “The Serial Killer,” a 2005 film that explored the case of a man convicted of murdering six people