How to watch the world’s greatest documentaries 2018

The 2018 documentary Top Documentaries for 2020 includes documentaries that cover the history, the world of sports, the arts, education, and technology.

Here’s what you need to know.

The top 20 documentaries in 2018 (based on total admissions and revenue):1.

World Cup: The Greatest of All Time (HBO) (4.3 million total admissions)2.

Top 10 Films in History (A&V) (3.7 million)3.

Top Documentary of All-Time (Top of the Pops) (2.9 million)4.

Top 5 Documentaries of All Times (American Documentary Series) (1.5 million)5.

Top 2 Documentaries in History of All World Sports (ABC) (638,000)6.

Top 20 Sports Documentaries (The Undefeated) (937,000,000 overall)7.

Top 3 Documentaries to Watch in 2018 for Women (Women in Sport) (724,000 total)8.

Top Sports Documentary for Young People (The Great Game) (692,000 and counting)9.

Top 7 Sports Documentars for Young Adults (Top 10 of 2018) (613,000 on Netflix)10.

Top 30 Sports Documentarians (Top 50 of 2018 for 2020)