How to watch the French Hilton documentary in a day

FILMIST: You know the French are going to be upset when the French don’t get the hilt.

The French people are going have a good laugh at the whole thing.

HILTON: Yeah, yeah.

You know, the French, I mean, they’re not going to like it, you know?

You know?

They’re not exactly going to love it.

But I think it’s a good idea.

The problem with all of this is that the people in charge of it have a very specific agenda.

They’ve made it so that the French can have a nice, peaceful life.

And that’s what they’re really after.

They’re looking for a way to make this country as peaceful as possible.

And they’re going to try and get that through the parliament, and I think that’s the only way to win.

They think that they’re gonna get it through, but that’s not how the country works.

So the French have to keep fighting and keep fighting until the country gets what it needs, because they’re afraid they’re about to lose it.

HILLARY CLINTON: What did I learn from my husband’s death?

He was a fighter, he was a warrior, he had his family, he loved his country, he’d done things that no president in American history had done.

And the fact that we got the nomination of a woman who had been president of the United States to be the first woman president of a major nation was a huge victory.

And I have a lot of respect for him for that, because that was a tough decision.

He wasn’t afraid to make that decision.

And he fought to get it.

I mean he was never afraid to take on the enemies.

He had enemies who he could always count on.

But he was also a fighter.

I’m sure he had enemies that hated him.

And there’s no doubt in my mind that he was fighting the good fight, too.

That was a good thing.

Now, what does that mean for the future of this country?

HILLY HILL: That’s exactly right.

You’ve got to understand, Hillary Clinton, that when you go through all the difficulties of being a woman, being a leader, it’s easy to lose perspective.

You’re not focused on the problems that are really going on in this country.

You are focused on those things that are going on outside of the country.

And then when the president is out of the White House, when he’s not around the country, that can lead to a lot more problems than it would if he was still around.

And so you know, we need to be very, very careful, and we need all of our leaders to be mindful of that.

So I think what you’ve got is a president who is focused on winning elections.

He’s focused on his agenda, he’s focused not on the domestic problems, but on what’s going on abroad.

And all the while, you’ve seen the domestic issues get more and more complicated and more and much more divisive, and that has a lot to do with the fact, you’re not just dealing with people.

You deal with politics.

And as I said, you deal with people, but also you deal, you have to be aware that, as a society, you can’t be focused on this country anymore.

You can’t focus on what the problems are going around the world.

You have to deal with the world, you do deal with other problems around the globe, but you also deal with our domestic problems.

And we need our leaders, Hillary, to be extremely careful.

HUTCHINSON: I know the American people have been looking for someone to lead, and they’ve been looking in vain for a woman president.

But you have a strong female presence in the White, and a female leader who’s going to take the reins.

And she’s a strong woman.

You do have a president, Hillary.

You certainly have a future as a leader of the free world.

And when she becomes president, you will be able to see this country through to the end of time.