How to tickle a rabbit

With a new breed of rabbit, we can tickle them! 

This is a new documentary that tells the story of a rabbit who has found new life in New Zealand.

The documentary is the first in a new series of Tickled documentaries, which are a mixture of traditional storytelling, new technology, and animal science to tell the story behind the tickling rabbit. 

Watch the trailer: The Tickled documentary is being filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, in a facility that was once home to the New Zealand Cattle Company. 

Tickling rabbits has been around for over a century, and it is not uncommon to see people trying to ticklish them, as in this clip from the documentary. 

The tickling is a very natural part of the rabbit’s life, and the rabbit learns to do it when he or she is in the care of a vet. 

“I feel like we’ve always had ticklers in New South Wales, and we know there are some rabbits that are better off without tickling,” Dr Paul Stiles, the rabbit veterinarian at the Auckland Veterinary Hospital, said. 

This is not the first time New Zealand has seen a tickled rabbit.

In 2008, the first tickled baby rabbit was born. 

A study in 2009 showed that people were more likely to ticklice than non-ticklice people, but the rabbit studies did not show the difference in tickling. 

It is hoped that this new documentary will give a new insight into the tickle experience.

“We hope it’s a great start and will encourage people to learn more about tickling rabbits,” Dr Stiles said.

This is the second tickled documentary that has been made in New England.

“The Tickle,” a documentary released in 2014, tells the stories of two rabbits that were captured by a family and cared for in their home in Massachusetts.

The documentary is set to be broadcast on BBC Two on December 17.