How to stop the Coyotes from winning the Stanley Cup: the robin Williams documentary

Robin Williams was a great athlete.

He had great feet.

He was one of the most dynamic players to ever play in the NHL.

But that’s not all.

Robin Williams is also a beloved legend in Arizona.

That’s because he’s the first American player to play in an NHL playoff game.

Williams was born on April 1, 1968, in Phoenix.

He grew up watching his hometown team, the Arizona Coyotes, win the Stanley Series in 1969.

But it was the team’s last playoff appearance.

Williams made the trip to Arizona for the championship game in 1979.

He scored the game winner in overtime, and it was an emotional moment for the fans, especially as the franchise was trying to make the playoffs.

Williams played for the Phoenix Coyotes for four seasons before he retired in 2009.

He’s now a sports broadcaster with the Phoenix Suns and the Coyotes.

Williams has played in more Stanley Cups than any other American player.

He won five championships and he is the all-time leading scorer in NHL history with 1,744 points.

In the past year, Williams has been featured in a number of documentaries, documentaries on his career and a documentary called, “The Robin Show.”

Williams is currently in production on a documentary that will be released in 2019.

He will be the first to interview the former NHL player about his time in Phoenix and how he became a pro.

Williams is the author of “The Wild Thing: The Life and Legend of Robin” and “The Art of Hockey.”

He is a regular contributor to Sports Illustrated.