How to stop fake news on Facebook

Facebook is in danger of turning into a major propaganda tool for conservative news organizations, according to a new report by a nonprofit group.

The group, Fake News Watch, says the social media giant is turning into “the new Stalin,” a propaganda tool that it said is “more powerful and more dangerous” than Stalin’s propaganda machine.

Facebook is the most popular source of information on the internet, according the group, and its users can spread misinformation and fake news with almost unprecedented ease.

The organization is calling for the removal of fake news, which it says has the ability to “cause harm and damage to millions of people and organizations across the political spectrum.”

The group also noted that fake news is “the fastest-growing form of disinformation online, overtaking the spread of misinformation during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

The fake news movement is driven by the rise of the alt-right, an increasingly vocal anti-Semitic movement that has emerged on Facebook over the past year.

It was led by Donald Trump, who has repeatedly used fake news to try to delegitimize the president.