How to make vegan documentaries and other vegan-themed documentaries

Vegan documentaries have been gaining ground in the past few years.

Their popularity has been driven in part by a shift in the way we consume documentaries.

The proliferation of online and social media platforms and social sharing have enabled people to share their vegan-related stories in a more open and transparent way.

The resulting documentary-making platforms have become a valuable source of inspiration for filmmakers, and some filmmakers have taken the opportunity to share how their films have inspired their subjects.

We’ve included some of the most popular documentaries from these platforms in the video above, along with a selection of the top-grossing documentaries of 2016.

Vegan documentaries are an increasingly important part of filmmakers’ work, and the following is a guide to making vegan documentaries.1.

The Story of a Vegan (Todos) by Brian Cox and John Fennella2.

“Todas” by Aneesh Chopra3.

“The Truth About the World” by Brian Grazer4.

“What You Don’t Know About the Food Labels” by J.D. Vance5.

“Viva La Vegan” by Daniele Bussolini6.

“Vegan’s Guide to the World’s Food” by Peter Attia7.

“Lives Matter” by Dave Matthews and the Wildabouts8.

“Why Vegan?” by Adam Richman9.

“Eating Vegan” (via Vegan Magazine)10.

“Kosher” by Mikey Garcia11.

“Sausage and Eggs” by Matt Groening12.

“Habit of a Fisherman” by David Lynch13.

“I’m a Vegan” and “The Meat-Free Chef” by James Beard14.

“Meatless Mondays” by Laura Ingalls Wilder15.

“In This Corner of the World: The Story Behind Vegan” 16.

“No More Pork” by Paul F. Tompkins17.

“My Life on Mars” by Neil deGrasse Tyson18.

“Rabbit and The Hare” by Jim Henson19.

“This is Not a Diet” by Tim Ferris20.

“Birds of a Feather” by Stephen Colbert21.

“Carnivore” by Anthony Bourdain22.

“Beef & Butter” by Tom Arnold23.

“Greens of Africa” by Mark and Amy Winehouse24.

“Oceanside” by John Steinbeck25.

“A Simple Plan” by Jane Fonda26.

“Natura” by Niki and the Dove27.

“Shoot to Thrill” by Ryan Seacrest28.

“Animal Kingdom” by Adam Sandler29.

“All About Food” from the Meatless Monday podcast30.

“Food: The Science Behind Your Favorite Food” (from the Vegan Outreach Project)31.

“PETA: The Food Babe” by Rachel Held Evans32.

“Frozen” by Kristen Bell33.

“Granny and Her Ponies” by Anna Kournikova34.

“Dolphin and Porpoise” by Bill Nye35.

“Live the Vegan” from The Meatless Life podcast36.

“Cheese Wars” by Chef Paul McDonagh37.

“Wildlife in the Garden” by Andrew Zimmern38.

“Wormhole” by Zach Braff39.

“On My Way to Veganism” from Food Blogging with David Foster Wallace40.

“Blackbird” by Alana Shines41.

“How to Grow an Oat” by Katie Couric42.

“Anatomy of a Disaster” by Amy Poehler43.

“Life as a Vegan in Five Easy Steps” by Stephanie Seneff44.

“Our World” from Vegan Outcast podcast45.

“Plants and Animals” by Tanya Tucker46.

“World at the Table” by Kate Bornstein47.

“It’s Not Always Vegan” episode 1 (via

“Animals in Disguise” from World at the Tables49.

“Spacetime” by Seth Rogen50.

“Eat, Drink, Be Veg” by Michael Pollan51.

“Best of the Best” by Ellen DeGeneres52.

“For the Love of Animals” from All Things Considered53.

“Everyday Life with Brian Blessed” from Veggie Buzz54.

“Watching from Home” from Vegetarian TV55.

“If You Don’T Know the Answer” from Tia and the Planet56.

“From Animal to Vegetarian” by Veggie Brain57.

“We Are All In This Together” from VegNews58.

“Not Your Mama’s Chicken” from Glamour 59.

“Making a Life-Changing Decision” from Good Morning America60.

“Finding a Good Life” from NPR 61.

“Everything’s OK” from CNN 62.

“One Day at a Time” from PBS 63.

“Your Name” from Disney