How to Dance: The Grey Gardens documentary series

Grey Gardens is an amazing place to explore the world of dancing in Ireland.

The show tells the story of two Irish people, James and Helen, who, in 1980, discovered a world that was totally foreign to them.

When they moved to Ireland they made a living from selling their art.

It was a way to support their family and their art while supporting their job as a gardener.

They were part of a community that had a profound impact on their lives.

Now, the pair’s journey continues, exploring the world they discovered through dance.

They want to tell the story as they understand it.

The documentary series takes you on a journey through their world.

“When we first got the call from the director of Grey Gardens to start this project, he said that we were going to be able to do this documentary,” said James.

“I thought that was fantastic and I thought that’s what we were doing.

I’m delighted that the show has taken off.”

We started the journey in 1983, the year we went to a ballet in New York, but I think we’re all aware of the fact that we had a different experience and we wanted to tell our story.

“It’s a story about a community and we want to make it into a documentary,” added Helen.

“It’s about dancing and about the Irish people in general.”

Grey Gardens is a new series of documentaries that follows a group of Irish artists and filmmakers through their lives in an effort to reveal their stories and understand the world.

The first series of Grey Garden documentaries was the 1987 documentary ‘The Art of Dancing’, which featured the likes of Frankie Boyle and the late John Rafferty.

“The Art Of Dancing” is the show’s second and final series.

The series is part of the Irish Dancer Fund which supports the development of dance programmes in Ireland, and has seen the production of several series and a number of films.

In recent years, the foundation has supported two of the showrunners, Michael O’Connor and Paul Gallagher.

O’Connor, who has been involved with Irish dance since the early days of the programme, said the funding from the foundation is invaluable.

“Funding is essential to any documentary series because you don’t know if you’re going to get funding from a fund like this,” he said.

“And we have to have funding that’s not just to fund the programme but to make sure that we have a platform on which to tell stories and to have a voice that’s heard by the audience.”

Paul Gallagher, who directed the series, said it was important for the community to see that the stories they see in the programme are about Ireland and about its people.

“We really wanted to make this series about Ireland.

We wanted to show that there is a community of Irish people out there and that there are people out here who are going through the same challenges and struggles that we do,” he added.”

I think it’s important that people in Ireland see that there’s a lot of people out on the ground and it’s very important that they see that people who are not in the limelight are out there in the world and have a say in how their community is represented and represented by people who know how to dance.”

The first four episodes of the series will be available on Irish Dancers and Dancers Everywhere on YouTube, and will be broadcast on RTE and RTÉ at 6pm and 9pm on Friday nights.