How India’s BTS won ‘Black’ award at Bollywood awards

Bollywood stars, actors and filmmakers are receiving accolades for their contributions to Indian cinema, with Bollywood-related films winning “Black” Oscars at BAFTA, Sundance and Cannes.

The prestigious Bollywood film awards ceremony, which has been running since 1927, is hosted by the Indian government, which awards three awards each year for “most outstanding contribution to cinema”, “best film” and “best documentary”.

The Bollywood Film Awards, hosted by Bollywood legend Deepika Padukone, took place on November 23 at the BFI in London.

The awards were named after the Indian film industry, a long-running industry that has contributed more than $8bn to the UK economy.

In the event of a tie, the BAFTA nominee would receive a trophy and Bollywood actors would receive an award for their “black” contributions to the cinema.

According to a press release, Bollywood films were nominated for five of the 11 awards in the 2017 list of winners, which is expected to be announced on Monday.

The nominations include the best film, best foreign language film, top actress and best foreign performer for Deepika, Pankaj Kapoor, Riz Ahmed, Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra.

The list of nominees includes Indian films including Bollywood classics like ‘Kamaal’ and ‘Halo’, as well as recent hits like ‘Raju’, ‘Kamal’ , ‘Dabangi’ and many others.

Bollywood star Deepika has been nominated for the best actress award and for best foreign film for her role in Bollywood movie ‘Golakta’.

Other Bollywood winners include Amitabh Bachchan for ‘Takshashila’, Pankaja Kapoor for ‘Dangal’ for his role in ‘Ragini’, and Riz Madani for his roles in ‘Mahaan’ and in the upcoming film ‘Aapna Hai’, as voted on by a panel of judges.

The BFA will announce the winners on Monday, and the Bollywood community will take part in a special celebration at the hotel where the awards ceremony took place.