How Hitler’s Nazis created a modern-day Holocaust documentary: ‘They’re not just looking for the Jews’

“What’s interesting is that they’re not looking for any Jews, that they just want to destroy them,” said filmmaker Matthew McConaughey.

The documentary is based on the book, ‘Holocaust: The Hidden History’ by British Holocaust scholar Dr. Martin Heidegger, which traces how Nazi Germany’s ruling elite created the first modern-style mass killing, by putting the Jews into concentration camps, killing their children and families, and then murdering and burying them.

The film has received wide praise for the depth and scope of its research, which is based in part on eyewitness accounts.

“It’s not about what happened, it’s about what could have happened,” said McConaughy.

“They’re looking for what could’ve happened.

We’re trying to figure out what could be different.

We want to figure things out and put it in context.

It’s very challenging.”

In the film, McConaghy and his crew visit the notorious extermination camp at Treblinka, where thousands of Jews were murdered between 1943 and 1945.

They are accompanied by three of the documentary’s key characters, an Italian film maker named Luca Calvi and a former Nazi doctor named Hans Frank.

They tell the story of how the camp’s workers forced hundreds of thousands of people to dig a vast underground trench that they used to trap the bodies of Jews, which were then cremated in mass graves.

In the end, they claim, the Nazis killed between 300,000 and 600,000 Jews in the camp.

“We wanted to bring to light something that we didn’t have access to, which was that there was no Holocaust,” McConacough said.

“I think the film is actually one of the best examples of that.”

McConahy and McConaghey, who was born and raised in Southern California, went on to direct the ‘Hidden History’ series for HBO, which premiered in 2015.

They also are producing the documentary, ‘Hermann Weisberg: The Forgotten Man’ for PBS in 2018.

The director also is the executive producer of the Netflix documentary series ‘The Unforgiven,’ which chronicles the rise of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

The docu, which focuses on the rise and fall of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party, will premiere at Sundance next year.

“This film tells the story not only of the Holocaust, but it’s a story of the rise to power of Nazi party leader Hitler,” McCONAUGHEY said.

It is also the first documentary to focus on the personal lives of people involved in the Third Reich, which he said “has a very strong sense of history.”

The documentary will premiere on PBS stations and Netflix on Aug. 26, 2018.

“The Unfinished Business” premiered at Sundings in 2017 and earned a star-rating.

“HermanN Weisburg: The Untold Story” premiered in 2017 at Sundances and earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary Short Film.