‘Epstein’: A true crime documentary that takes a look at the man behind the greatest case ever made

The film features interviews with prominent detectives and experts and the true story of a former CIA agent who helped lead the investigation into the infamous JFK assassination.

The doc also examines the impact of the case on law enforcement and the media.

Epstein: A True Crime Documentary features interviews and extensive archival footage, including interviews with leading FBI and CIA experts, the man who led the investigation, and former FBI special agent Richard Hoffman, who has been hailed as the most influential person in the JFK investigation.

The film also examines how the investigation was politicized and the rise of a charismatic serial killer in the 1970s.

The film also features documentary and documentary-style footage of Hoffman’s involvement with the JFK assassination investigation.

In a statement, Epstein co-creator and director Mike O’Malley called the film “a compelling portrait of an extraordinary man who made a tremendous impact on our country and our world, and who has shaped our understanding of our past and future.”

Epsteins film will be available on HBO starting Jan. 23.