David Foster’s new documentary ‘Outcry’ about abuse and harassment at the hands of police is ‘so disturbing and so horrific’

David Foster is launching a new documentary about the abuse and sexual harassment he says he endured at the paws of police at the height of the Whitlam era.

In the film, Mr Foster is asked to reflect on his life in a wide-ranging and complex way, with interviews from those who knew him and others who worked with him.

Mr Foster told Fairfax Media the film would explore issues surrounding police and the wider community, and was inspired by a series of articles published by journalist David Foster that appeared in the New Statesman.

“I want the film to reflect not only on the events of my time in the Australian justice system, but the broader community in Australia,” he said.

A series of stories in the NSW Press and Sunday Times on the Whitlars family and the WhitLars children were featured in the film.

The story, Mr Strain told Fairfax, was “so disturbing” and it was a story that he would like to share.

The filmmaker said the Whitls family had “a lot to answer for” but they were also “very, very lucky” they escaped serious harm.

“The Whitlaries were very lucky, because the truth about what happened is so horrific, and there are many survivors who have spoken out,” Mr Stain said.

“And it’s also true that there were some very, very brave police officers who put their lives on the line to help those who were being hurt.”

In a statement to Fairfax Media, the NSW Police Force said it “will not be commenting on the subject”.

“We are aware of the new documentary and are considering its content, which we will release once we have the opportunity,” the statement said.