‘Boys will be boys’ for the boys

When they heard the news that the U.S. women’s national soccer team had been eliminated from the 2019 FIFA World Cup, the first thing they said was: “Oh my god, I’m sorry.”

And they were right.

But there’s a reason that it’s been a very good week for American soccer.

In fact, in the last week, the team has been the best in the world at what it does best: producing a World Cup winner.

The U.K. women have won the World Cup two times in the past three decades.

And when the Americans are on top of their game, we know they will get the job done.

They’re the team that we all root for.

And while that may not be what most fans expected, it’s the reality of what’s happened since the U-17 World Cup ended in 2018.

We know what this team is capable of.

That’s what we were rooting for.

It’s also the truth.

It is what they need.

So how can we not get behind them?

How can we get mad about how we’ve lost the U17 World Series?

It’s a lot to digest and it takes a little while.

The answer is not all that easy.

The short answer is this: We have to be excited.

We have got to be mad about it.

That was the case when the U16s were eliminated in the second round of the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup, a tournament in which we lost to the defending champions, Mexico.

We were furious, but it was also understandable.

This was a team that was underachieving and had the potential to be better.

We didn’t understand how bad the team was at the start of the season, or how quickly the team could recover.

We thought we had a chance.

The reality was, we didn’t.

The first two games of the tournament were a complete disaster.

We fell behind, were unable to create any goals and we just looked terrible.

The final three games were even worse.

There was a lot of frustration on the bench, but we also had a lot more confidence than we had in the beginning.

It was the U20s, the underachievers, that were getting the better of us.

When they played us, they were on their way to a quarterfinal finish.

But as they got stronger and stronger, they got outplayed.

They were playing against the best teams in the tournament.

And as we got stronger, our confidence took a hit.

We just didn’t know how to react.

That frustration became a little more apparent.

And the reality is that the World Championship and the U23s, who were coming into the tournament with more confidence, were doing a lot better.

And it wasn’t just the U18s.

There were teams like Germany, Argentina, Sweden and Switzerland.

They had been the top seed for a long time and now they were coming off of a World Championship.

And that confidence was getting us in the right direction.

When you get the World Series title and win it, it feels great.

The next step is to win a World Trophy and it feels even better.

When we started the year with a goal, we had our first playoff win.

That gave us confidence that we were good enough.

And then, when we were eliminated, the next step was to win the CONCACACAF Cup.

It gave us a lot, and it felt even better when we got the trophy and the medal.

And now we’re feeling really good.

We’ve just got to keep working hard.

The second step is a lot easier.

We’re not going to lose our faith in ourselves just because of a loss.

That doesn’t make us any less of a soccer team.

But if we don’t keep winning, we’re going to get sucked into the next disappointment.

We don’t want to lose faith in our teammates, our coach, our staff.

It has to be about the fans.

The fans need to be behind us, especially when it comes to the World Cups.

That means they need to support us.

The players need to understand the importance of supporting the team.

And they need the fans to know that the team is the most important thing in the life of the sport.

So the second step?

We need to get back to the things that really matter: playing soccer, winning games, and supporting the people in our communities.

If we do that, we’ll be even better for it.