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BEST NEW DOCUMENTARY: BLACKPINK ANIMATION: “Tiger Woods” from TANGIBLE ARTS (2016) is available now on Netflix and Hulu.

The documentary follows the life of Tiger Woods, the legendary golfer who won five majors, including the 1996 PGA Tour title, in the final days of his career, in what many called the most remarkable feat in professional golf history.

The film also features an exclusive interview with Tiger Woods’ father, Bob, and his longtime manager and trainer, Roger Cukierman.

The documentary focuses on the life and career of Tiger as he transitioned from pro golfer to human being, beginning in 1996 when he first started playing golf and became known for his golfing prowess.

The story centers on the remarkable journey Tiger made to achieve his career-defining moment, which was also his first major championship.

The film is produced by TANGULAR ARTS, which specializes in documentaries about human beings, with a focus on African-American artists and artists from other racial backgrounds.

The Blackpink Films team has produced films on topics ranging from the Civil Rights Movement to the AIDS crisis to the history of the Black Lives Matter movement.